Collision-free Railways

Our Country's Anti-collision Devices network with each other and form an intelligent safety layer to protect railway staff as well as the passengers from dangerous collisions/washouts in floods. A more positive and aggressive implementation is needed in public interest.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

India's Ant-collision Device

Generic Definition:

Anti-collision non-signal devices (ACD) are intelligent rugged microprocessors to self determine location and status when mobile on a railway and static ACDs monitor vulnerable locations like stations, gates, slopes, bridges, securely inter communicate within the range of distance required to reduce speeds of moving units to assure safety against dangerous collision or accidents, keeping a log, independent of signals and human inputs, creating an ever present Raksha Kavach, protective bubble.

Descriptive Definition for ACD ( a non-signal Anti-collision Device)

ACD is a device comprising of a high speed microprocessor integrated with secure digital radio communication modem, a GPS, an interface with braking system and odometer of the locomotive in case of Loco ACD, no such interface with braking or odometer but portable unit is for Guard ACD , interfaced with gates but no GPS in case of manned gate ACD, interfaced with sirens and flashlights for unmanned Gate ACD, with track circuit occupation circuit in case of station ACD as needed, but no GPS for station ACD, with appropriate field monitoring transducers for vulnerable location ACD, having on board flash memory to log events, loaded with software for on board data collection and intelligent analysis to decide action in real time, the entire unit ruggedized to stand severe climatic , dusty vibratory environment. All such ACDs within a range of twice the braking distance required for a moving Loco or EMU or DEMU inter communicate with each other and form a network, RAKSHA KAVACH, a non-signal system, assuring each other’s safety by taking action automatically without human inputs, to reduce the speeds of moving units, and stop if necessary, if any dangerous situation is perceived, in any part of railway network.

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